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Welcome to Meditate30!

Hey, I'm Janice! I'm the creator of Meditate30 and the writer behind The Essential Meditator weekly newsletter.

I love to help people create more happiness & a sense of calm in their life. And I believe one of the best ways to support both happiness and a sense of calm is by incorporating a daily meditation practice into your life.

So I started Meditate30 to offer you practical guidance  if you have an inkling that a daily meditation practice could transform your life and you need a clear path.

I teach my students a powerful meditation sequence that causes the body to fall into a deep state of deep rest and expand the mind beyond deep thinking.

From this place of rejuvenation, we are able to emerge energized to meet the day ahead with clarity and ease.

My newsletter, The Essential Meditator, is one email per week, exploring themes of meditation, essentialism, and fearless living and is designed to:

  • Always Be Free. A weekly newsletter, absolutely free and sent on Fridays.
  • Offer Thoughtful Reflections for the ambitious creative and professional.
  • Share Practical Guidance for you transform your life.

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More About Janice:

Janice is based in St. Augustine, Florida, and travels the world teaching  meditation, running Meditate30 workshops and retreats, and supporting creatives and professionals in experiencing increased happiness, energy, and decreased stress.

The foundation of her teachings stem from Vedic wisdom traditions of India.  She also holds a teacher certification with One Giant Mind™. She helps her students create E.A.S.E. in their meditation practice:  making it enjoyable, accessible, simple, and easy.